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About our Products

Quality: This exclusive Diane Romanello store is authorized and overseen by the artist herself. All items that are offered are produced using museum quality materials and the color is managed in a manner that produces a reproduction as true to the original as technology will allow.
Selection: Many of the works offered through this store are exclusive and not available anywhere else. In addition, new works are continually added to the offering so make sure to come back and see the new releases.
Customization: You have found the perfect art. Now what? Using our innovative custom framing tool you can preview exactly what your finished and framed art will look like. We offer many different moulding styles so there is sure to be a match for any type of decor.

Along with every purchase on DianeRomanello.com we will ship a hand-signed Authorized Reproduction Certificate. This exclusive benefit confirms that the reproduction you purchased has been approved by and meets the critical standards of the artist.

From color accuracy to canvas quality, Diane has approved every critical step required to provide you all with the best reproductions available.